A new start

OK, so this blog kind of died. But hey, lets give it another go. I think I may have been a bit to ambitious the last time around. So this time, I will be aiming for smaller posts, more frequent, and as the new title suggests, focused on C++.

For the last year or so I have mainly been playing around with java. Both for play(android) and at work. But 2015 looks to be a year focused on C++ for me, so I figured its a good time to brush up on all the things that have happened out there in C++ land. At work our project will move to a more recent Intel compiler, which should support more of the more recent changes in the language. And of course, new versions of GNU compilers are out, so there is more to play with on my laptop as well.

My goal is to learn a new thing every day or so, and share my discoveries here. Hopefully there will be something to share on a semi-daily basis. Some of the topics I hope to learn more about:

  • Unit testing tools and techniques
    Currently I am using googletest and googlemock, but perhaps there are other/better things to consider
  • Modern C++ idioms
    C++11 and C++14 enables a quite different coding style, hopefully it will reduce the amount/severity of bugs and make the code cleaner
  • Qt
    Its a few years since I last did serious work using Qt. I’m particularly keen to see how easy it is to write android apps using Qt.
  • Boost
    I am now in the habit of always checking if there is already a solution for my problem in a boost library. However, there are still lots and lots of boost libraries I have not used.

A few words about the project I am working on. The codebase is a legacy system, with the most ancient components written in fortran in the 1970s. Fortunately the parts I am interfacing with is fairly modern C++. Some boost libraries are used, but as the code was written before we had any compilers supporting C++ 11, it does not use any of the new language features. There are unit tests, mostly using GoogleTest and GoogleMock  as test frameworks. However, they are often to few, and not well maintained.

As for private project I will probably start of by trying to get a Qt hello world app up and running on my mobile phone, and then take it from there.






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