This is me

So, just a few words about me in my first post…

I’m a developer, mainly working with huge,internal, C++  projects on UNIX/Linux. I have been doing this for the last 10 years or so, which have generally been fun. Sometimes I have been working on huge SUN servers, other times on embedded linux. I have written GUIs in everything from raw Xlib  to Qt(the latter is rather enjoyable actually….).

Of course, I have touched in on other technologies as well. I enjoy picking up perl now and again and doing something clever with it. Its satisfying how much you can get done in very little time. Of course, maintaining it often a bit hard, but I have found that with decent comments, proper classes and making sure its all under VC it can be done….

If I am forced to it(or gently asked by my boss), I will make some fixes or updates to java applications, and as I have been a sysadmin before, I tend to use shell scripts now and again as well. For reasons best forgotten, I have also done my share of tcl and Fortran programming….

My preferred IDE is emacs, but I am not religious about it, and for a quick edit I’ll easily use vi. If someone hands me a windows box, I will rather install emacs than touch notepad.exe:-)

I have a bit of an interest in VC systems, and I hope to soon start using git for something beyond keeping my homedirectory in order. At work we have a home-made VC and build systems, which I have been the local superuser for. Its an interesting bit of technology, and when it was made was quite  ahead of its time. However, DVCS is a paradigm shift, and there are a lot of interesting things that can be done with git and similar systems that can’t be done with our homegrown system, and I really look forward to start experimenting with those…

OK, thats it for now…I’m sure I’ll write more later, but for now I would rather get on to my second post, which is about a topic that seems to come up now and again….


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